July 05, 2017

Sven Agaath: End Of Latin

Dutch duo Sven Agaath have done it again. Gino Miniutti (vocals, guitar, keys) and Arno Breuer (drums, keys, percussion) mixed up shoegaze and grunge for their debut album Simple Field Calculator and they follow the same blueprint for most of the songs on their new one. End Of Latin is a little weirder at times - check the short instrumentals Leaving Ghost Town and the title track, and especially the superb sonic assault (and musical somersaults) during Razors.

The Pixies and Dinosaur Jr loom large when they find a monolithic backbeat and allow the other instruments to roam free. Sven Agaath are adamant to try pretty much anything to get a listener on the wrong foot. Tension is king, with a bit of release trying to fight its way in. Recommended for fans of disturbing, distorted noise rock and feedback.

End Of Latin is released on Tiny Room Records (digital, cassette - very limited edition of 25).

  1. End Of War
  2. Close Encounters
  3. Honey Acid
  4. Time In France
  5. Life Raft
  6. Pesticide
  7. Leaving Ghost Town
  8. Razors
  9. Sleepy Eyed
  10. End Of Latin
  11. The Handwagon

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HCTF review of the Simple Field Calculator.

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