June 26, 2017

Wednesday Call: The Line

Consider the odds of starting a progressive rock band in Tehran. The capital of Iran doesn't come to mind a a likely place for a bunch of musicians to play music that is inspired by Muse, Pink Floyd and Marillion. Wednesday Call was founded in 2007 and their latest album The Line is dedicated Levon Davidian, the father of Arin Davidian, the band's singer and lead guitarist.

Recorded in a makeshift home studio The Line sound a bit lo-fi, but the intricate textures of the keyboards sound surprisingly clear. It appears that turned down the guitar a bit t make room for the vocals and the drums(Saied Jame always comes in a bit late, like a prog version of Charlie Watts). Wednesday Call's music can stand its ground against the contemporary competition. Play the dreamy Green Fields or the freaky off-kilter rhythm Out of Nowhereland during a pop quiz and odds are that nobody will guess their country origin. Good music doesn't give a fuck about borders.

Wednesday Call:
Arin Davidian: guitar, drums programming, vocals
Sevan Shahmirian: keyboard, vocals
Farshad Shokouhfar: bass/p>

The Line is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby.

  1. The Child
  2. The Line, Pt. 1
  3. Before
  4. Shining
  5. The Line, Pt. 2
  6. You
  7. Again
  8. Green Fields
  9. Out of Nowhereland
  10. Restart

They are working on the next album. A new single, the highly political News, is the first taste.

» wednesdaycall.com

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