June 25, 2017

The Myrrors: Hasta La Victoria

Tuscon, AZ avant-garde post-rock band The Myrrors like to put a challenge. Take Organ Mantra, the first track from their forthcoming new elbum Hasta La Victoria, a twisted rage of rock that refuses to let go for ten minutes straight. They find a menacing and unrelenting rhythm as the foundation for their dystopian soundscapes, with a few choice lighter notes as pinpricks in their pitch black sonic tapestries.

Their Spanish lyrics tell tales of resistance and the odds of coming out on top at the end. Putting on Tea House Music in an actual tea room would make most clientele choke on their tea and biscuits, but those who stick around will be transfixed by a glorious lead string part that is part Arabian and part Tex-Mex. The Myrrors show bleak pictures, captivating art that commands full attention.

Hasta La Victoria will be released thru Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records. Release date: June 30th.

  1. Organ Mantra
  2. Somos La Resistencia
  3. Tea House Music
  4. El Aleph
  5. Hasta La Victoria

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