June 02, 2017

HCTF premiere: Miner - A Morning Song

Tragedy struck for Kate Miner of LA folk quartet Miner when both her sisters with Huntington’s Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative condition. Her mother suffers from it too and she and her sisters had a 50% chance....

Despite this terrible news she and her husband Justin Miner picked up the process of writing songs for a new album. They stumbled upon , Tuanaki in a hospital waiting room, when Justin read an account of Shackleton’s Endurance voyage that mentions this “lost” island paradise in the South Pacific. So why not settle for optimism as the main theme for their new songs. A Morning Song, the new single, does a fine job at lightening the mood, with all four band members pitching in to create an upbeat folk song.

Justin Miner: vocals, guitar
Kate Miner: vocals, keys, mandolin, harmonica
Jeremy Miner: vocals, lead guitar, banjo
Tobias Urbanczyk: drums & percussion

A Morning Sun will be included on the Headwaters EP for which they are running at crowdfunding campaign at PledgeMusic. The EP will be released on August 11th.

» thisisminer.com

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