May 24, 2017

Darlia: Beam Me Up

Blackpool rock band Darlia pay tribute to the sound of Oasis and The Kinks on their new single Beam Me Up. Slacker meets vaudeville. Tongue-in-cheek or dead serious? Both actually, with some pretty nifty call-and-response vocals. Lead singer Nathan Day went through some pretty serious depression issues and with this song he found some sort of closure and is also able to poke fun at his problems, once again proving that making music is good for you.

Beam Me Up is released on Ignition Records.

Live dates:
  • 05/26 Lemon Grove, Exeter (w/ Twin Atlantic)
  • 05/27 Concorde 2, Brighton (w/ Twin Atlantic)
  • 05/30 William Aston Hall, Wrexham (w/ Twin Atlantic)
  • 05/31 Sin City, Swansea (w/ Twin Atlantic)
  • 07/01 Community Festival, Finsbury Park (w/ Catfish and the Bottlemen)
  • 09/30 Tenement Trail, Glasgow
  • 10/01 Academy 2, Birmingham
  • 10/02 The Exchange, Bristol
  • 10/03 Scala, London
  • 10/05 The Wardrobe, Leeds
  • 10/06 Tink Tank, Newcastle


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