April 18, 2017

The Saxophones: "If You're on the Water" video

Oakland based husband and wife folk duo The Saxophones have made a video for "If You're on the Water, the title track from their debut EP. Alexi Erenkov explains:

Our song, “If You’re on the Water,” is largely about a week spent on Shasta Lake in which I began a long distance relationship with my then girlfriend, Alison, broke my femur in a boating accident, and a close family friend in San Francisco committed suicide. (...)

The video is an assortment of footage predominantly shot on Shasta Lake by visitors over the last half century. It aims to capture the beauty of the reservoir and mountains that feed it and the varied ways humans engage with the land. It is an ode to the many expressions of the reservoir and to human nature in all its paradox.

The If You're on the Water EP is available as a 7" single thru UK label Full Time Hobby.

» thesaxophones.com

HCTF review of If You're on the Water.

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