February 09, 2017

Chickenfoot: new song "Divine Termination", compilation album "BEST + LIVE" in March

photo: Jon R. Luini

It's a scheme as old as the hills. Put out a "Best of..." album and add one new song to lure completists into buying it. Rock super group Chickenfoot reunited in 2016 for two shows in Tahoe and added Divine Termination to the setlist. It will be the opening track on their forthcoming 2CD BEST + LIVE (out on March 10).

The rest of the studio tracks were previously released on their two studio albums, Chickenfoot and III. The live stuff was taken from their Get Your Buzz On “Live” DVD (and some of them were already available on CD on the live album LV). The cover of Highway Star can be found on Deep Purple tribute album Re-machined.

The Tahoe shows proved that Michael Anthony (bass), Sammy Hagar (vocals, guitar), Joe Satriani (guitar) and Chad Smith (drums) could still kill it on stage. Now they need someone to round them up and convince to do another studio album. Repackaging their back catalog yet again won't get them more fans.

  1. Divine Termination
  2. Soap On A Rope
  3. Sexy Little Thing
  4. Oh Yeah
  5. Get It Up
  6. Future In The Past
  7. Big Foot
  8. Different Devil
  9. Lighten Up
  10. Dubai Blues
  11. Something Going Wrong
    Bonus live tracks:
  12. Highway Star
  13. Bad Motor Scooter
  14. My Generation
  1. Avenida Revolution
  2. Sexy Little Thing
  3. Soap On A Rope
  4. My Kinda Girl
  5. Down The Drain
  6. Bitten By The Wolf
  7. Oh Yeah
  8. Learning To Fall
  9. Get It Up
  10. Turnin’ Left
  11. Future In The Past

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