January 22, 2017

moyamoya: Baracus

Post-rock noise experimentalists moyamoya are not a profilic bunch, but when they share something new they make sure it's something memorable. Their digital 45 Baracus is study of light and shade, kicking off with a bunch of static that gives way to forays into gentle guitar, industrial rock, with bass player Brennan Hamill providing a groundswell of low notes that come crashing from the speakers.

The Jacksonville, FL based trio that doesn't seems to care a lot about song structure, but they always find a groove that demands undivided attention. Keith William provided a remixed version, renamed Baaracus. He took the opening static from the original and sprinkled it all over the track, turned down the keyboards and the guitar.

Richard Dudley: guitar
Scott Madgett: drums
Brennan Hamill: keys, bass

Baracus is released as a digital 45 via Fort Lowell Records. Buy it from Bandcamp

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HCTF review of Baracus.

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