December 07, 2016

ZAPPATiKA: A Zappy New Year Show

The new ZAPPATiKA line-up will perform A Zappy New Year Show, 3 sets of Frank Zappa's music @ Qbus Club in Leiden, The Netherlands on January 13th. The show will be recorded fully in HD-video & 24-track audio.

Jeff Hollie (USA): saxophone & vocals
Zap Mcinnes (UK): guitar & vocals
Hieronymus van Dam (NL): synth, vocals, percussion, keys
Diego Mocci (ITA): drums
Joep Oosterbaan (NL: bass
Emile Chill (USA): guitar & vocals
Osman Meyredi (ITA): keyboards & vocals

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HCTF review of Welcome to the Starlight Lounge (Ike Willis & ZAPPATiKA featuring Jeff Hollie & Craig Twister Steward).

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