December 08, 2016

Snowapple: Tracks

Amsterdam based folk-pop trio Snowapple take vocal harmonies to the next level on their new album Tracks. Laurien Schreuder, Una Bergin and Laura Polence can blend into seamless unisono, create three-part harmonies and switch between genres effortlessly. There's some gospel, there's some jazz and there is some folk and pop, but first and foremost there's a real musical connection between these three singers. The ear candy tag doesn't come close to what they have accomplished.

They have traversed the globd with their music, playing shows in Japan, Mexico and the USA, which insprired to make travel the main theme of Tracks. It's an album like a road movie, telling stories of chance meetings, feeling lost and homesick, train rides and dragon flies. Hop on and enjoy a truly memorable journey.

Tracks is released on Zip Records. Released date for the Benelux: January 6th.

  1. Businessmen
  2. Choo Choo Train
  3. Any Way
  4. There Becomes Here
  5. Isabelle
  6. Track 22
  7. Rolling Away
  8. π
  9. Going My Way
  10. Little Piggy Takes

Live dates:
  • 01/27 De Ruïnekerk, Bergen
  • 01/29 De Duif, Amsterdam (album release party)
  • 02/19 In De Gloria, Asten
  • 02/26 ’t Kleine Kerkje, Gieterveen
  • 05/26 De Witte Kerk, Hauwert
  • 06/11 De Kerk, Oudendijk


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