December 23, 2016

Jumble Hole Clough: Live at the Nutclough Tavern 18th December 2016

After playing a short set the Northlight Art Studios in Hebden Bridge December 17th Colin Robinson's one-man project Jumble Hole Clough was awarded a longer time slot the next night at the Nutclough Tavern. He took full advantage and went for a mellower ambient sound, going with the flow with improvised progressive pastoral excursions like Remove The Nuts And Azimuth Gear during which he almost gets into the Modern Lovers Egyptian Reggae (at 3:44).

Robinson is always looking for ways to mess with his audience's expectations, throwing in funk bits and blink-and-you'll miss 'em jazz licks (A Vigorous Kick Will Free It and Cute Duelling Youth). Afficionados of guitar pyrotechnics will like Include The Ugly Out, a Gong-alike mix of Adrian Belew and Allan Holdsworth.

He has been extremely busy this year, releasing two studio albums, six live ones, not including three live album with like-minded soul and fellow avant-garde guitarist Michael Linden West as The Clog Hunt Occasional Collapsing Knitting Society, and a new Churn Milk Joan album with Richard Knutson. Such prolificness could have led to run-of-the-mill and even stale noodling, but Robinson has managed to keep it fresh while retaining his signature tone.

Live at the Nutclough Tavern 18th December 2016 is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website.

  1. Landing With The Undercarriage Retracted
  2. Jettison Ball Turret
  3. Remove The Nuts And Azimuth Gear
  4. A Vigorous Kick Will Free It
  5. Gluey Dutch Outline
  6. Cute Duelling Youth
  7. "Uncle Hid Leg" You Tut
  8. Include The Ugly Out
  9. They Had The Power Of Aerial Motion

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HCTF review of Live at Northlight Art Studios, 17th December 2016.

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