October 24, 2016

Frank Nicolas: Free Advice for Sale

Dutch singer-songwriter Frank Nicolas recorded the songs for bis new live EP Free Advice for Sale in a tiny church in Holysloot. The three brand new tunes are more subdued and darker than the material on his previous albums. Opener By Any Other Name was written for the Van Giessen organ built in 1730. Playing it was quite a challenge - the keys were not exactly even, but it sets the tone for a bit of folk music that sounds as old as the hills.

Nicolas' voice is of the Johnny Cash variety - he can barely reach the higher notes in A Long Way Gone, but it's great for telling tales set to music. The fine acoustics of the church add depth to the instruments he played (guitar, paino and the aforementioned church organ).

With Mitte de Graaff supplying a superb violin solo on the lengthy Across And A Cross it's all over after 15 minute - the only flaw of this release, because you don't want it to end so soon. Don't be surprised when the vinyl is changing hands for hefty sums in collectors circles in the near future.

Free Advice for Sale is a self-released EP (10" vinyl, digital). Buy it from his website.

Side A:
  1. By Any Other Name
  2. A Long Way Gone
Side B:
  1. Across And A Cross

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