September 01, 2016

Lost Bear: Inside The Dragon

Dutch eclectic indie quintet Lost Bear are musical omnivores. Dreamy shoegaze, hardcore, cheesy electro, rock, noise, grunge, it's all there on their new massive double album Inside The Dragon. Some of the songs are mere snippets - the static driven Radiohead inspired Nos Photos Parlantes is all over after 32 seconds, segueing seamlessly into the distorted mayhem of Electric Utopia (think Nirvana getting into a barefisted fight with Sonic Youth).

Inside The Dragon is like a towering chest of drawers, with each drawer containing a surprise: a hardhitting Inflatable Jesus, a hook driven Nineties rocker like Sugarheart (Diabetic For A Week) or a peek into the Britpop from Hell Garden Of Nettles.

Lost Bear is a band that meshes challenging bits with surprisingly straightforward tunes. By exploring (sometimes even exploiting) both sides of the coin they have all the odds fully covered. Be prepared to get lost in their maze. You might run into a Boomerang Bolsjevic and get a free download if you are lucky.

Lost Bear:
Arno Breuer: drums
Gino Miniutti: bass
Gibson Houwer: keys
Stefan Breuer: guitar
Casper Steenhuizen: vocals

Inside The Dragon will be released on Tiny Room Records as a limited edition gatefold 2LP (100 copies - blue vinyl) and digitally. Release date: September 16st.

  1. Demonico In Rosso
  2. Craaash!
  3. African Barbershops
  4. Nos Photos Parlantes
  5. Electric Utopia
  6. Excessive Violins
  7. Inflatable Jesus
  1. Magic Wallet
  2. The Honesty Trains
  3. Cedric Superchord
  4. Everybody Loves Hanuta
  5. Sugarheart (Diabetic For A Week)
  6. Wolfman
  7. Malenky Bit Nasty
  1. Geeter
  2. Inside The Dragon
  3. Boomerang Bolsjevic
  4. Count Count
  5. Radio Telescopes
  6. Wind, Hat, Blown, Wet
  7. Delay On / Light Off
  1. Yeah Yeah Crispy Michael, Let’s Go!
  2. Young Rick
  3. Fields Of Mayonnaise
  4. Garden Of Nettles
  5. Between My Legs
  6. Gnang Nang Nang
  7. Eggs ‘n Grapes
  8. Rainbow Weaver
  9. A F#00 Organic

Live dates;
  • 09/10 Maastricht @ ‘t Keldertje - Landbouwbelang
  • 09/11 Utrecht @ Kadefestival (acoustic sessions)
  • 09/17 Utrecht @ dB’s (release show/ Kanipchen-Fit, The Avonden, Cora Kemperman & De Schuurmachines, DJ Johan Gijsen)
  • 10/07 Nijmegen @ White Suit Projections


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