September 27, 2016

Grus Paridae: Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence

Finnish progressive rock duo Grus Paridae have a new single, the sprawling Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence. Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen are both multi-instrumentalists, playing guitar, bass, synths and drums. Add programming skills and they come close to create the sound of a full band with just the two of them. One thing was missing, however. They enlisted Jarno Koivunen to play the violin, who he also played a bit of guitar while he was at it.

Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence paints a picture of a rather bleak, dystopian future. Disintegration looms, while the children keep dancing, unaware of the impending catastrophe. Prog isn't a particularly optimistic genre and Grus Paridae joins the bands depicting an alternate universe that may be actually real. While their previous single Passes By b/w Inheritance of Devotion sounded good, but lacked focus, this foray into orchestral grandeur should be able to cause a stir in their niche.

Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence is a self-released single.

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