September 27, 2016

Amber Kamminga: Getting To Know You

Amber Kamminga, a Dutch country singer, ups the ante on her second single Getting To Know You. To love a genre that is quintessentially American is one thing, the ability to write a track that can stand its ground is another and she pulled it off admirably. Her happy-sad vocals are a perfect fit for telling a tale about a bunch of not particularly successful tinderdates.

Amber Kamminga: guitar, vocals
Dave Neijsen: electric guitar
Pascal Keyner: bass
Jasper Schalks: banjo
Daan Moerkens: drums

Getting To Know You is a self-released single. Buy it from iTunes.

Her Star-crossed Lovers EP will be released in December.

Radio appearances:
  • 09/25 radioshow ‘Schoolcast’ – KRO NCRV, Hilversum
  • 09/29 Music Around The Fireplace – Hilversum
  • 10/08 radioshow ‘Laat Je Hoorn’ – Hoorn
  • 11/25 radioshow ‘The Basement’ – CompleetFM, Heerhugowaard


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