August 22, 2016

Zap Mcinnes: Do You Really Need to See Me Bleed?

Zap Mcinnes has posted of a stream of his new song Do You Really Need to See Me Bleed?, featuring Emanuela Panisberghi (vocals) and Hieronymus Bongo (drum pads). The song was recorded live @ Vrijplaats in Leiden, The Netherlands on August 20. First ever live performance of this tune, with his ex-wife on the receiving end of the lyrics.

The show was billed as "Zap Mcinnes & Friends" and focused on his own songs. It will probably included on the forthcoming new studio album by his band ZAPPATiKA, the long awaited follow-up of The Short But Legendary Flight of the Dodo.

The new ZAPPATiKA live album Welcome to the Starlight Lounge will be released on September 1st. It was recorded during their European Spring tour with Zappa alumni Ike Willis, Jeff Hollie and Craig Twister Steward.

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