January 02, 2016

Jumble Hole Clough: Live at the Nutclough Tavern 30th December 2015

English avant-garde experimentalist Colin Robinson delivered a set of improvised guitar excursions at the Nutclough Tavern in his hometown Hebden Bridge on December 30th. His one-man project Jumble Hole Clough is built upon rhythm loops on which his applies washes of guitar and the odd ad-libbed vocal, sounding like Catweazle with a cold.

Robisnon takes some time to find his bearings on the opener Choral TV Ungent, until he finds a languishing Adrian Belew-alike power chord that comes bouncing back from the walls of the pub. This the kind of smartness that will stop people in their tracks (or at least keep them from finishing their pints). Putting his effect pedals to good use he is off for a food-themed scavenger hunt, capturing his travels in the West Yorkshire countryside with challenging time signatures and twinkling guitar leads.

Ending his set with the distortion heavy avant-metal workout Nun Cult Hangover Robinson wrapped up a slice of catchy, high quality weirdness that will need require several replays for in-depth appreciation. And yes, it gets better all the time.

Live at the Nutclough Tavern 30th December 2015 is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website. Throughout January all proceeds will be donated to Calderdale Flood Relief Appeal. The flooding made a mess of Hebden Bridge and cleaning things up will be a costly affair.

  1. Choral TV Ungent
  2. T'nocturnal veg-uh / Flowers Of The Forest
  3. Vegan Trout Lunch
  4. Nun Cult Hangover

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