October 01, 2015

Todd Tobias: the TapeOp interview

TapeOp has an extensive interview with musician, engineer and producer Todd Tobias. He is responsible for the sound of Guided by Voices and produced albums for George Griggs, Kramies, and The Library is on Fire:

Making a natural-sounding recording is important to me. I'm not schooled in any formal "production," so I just come at it with my ears. I'm not referencing any other recordings to try to sound like other people, and if a band ever comes to me and says, "Oh, we brought this record, can you make us sound like this," I just tell them I don't do that. I don't listen to anybody else's recordings and try to mimic them.

Tobias isn't a gear head per se:

Over the years, I've come to peace with the equipment I'm able to have, as opposed to feeling sad about equipment I can't have.

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