October 01, 2015

Hannah: As The World Turns

photo: Laura Farrow

Hannah, a lo-fi dream pop quartet with an edge, are slowly making a name for themselves in the North-West of the England, playing tiny venues in Liverpool and Manchester. Their debut album As The World Turns was recorded on a shoestring budget, but the muddy production can't hide the fact that their lead singer Hayley Faye is a lady with serious vocal skills.

The music is a mix of The Smiths, Elvis Costello and The Shirts. They can be sweet (Just A Child), sad (the Pink Floyd inspired Where The Ocean Meets The Sky) and scary (Stalker). This is the kind of band you hope to run into when your team got defeated by way of a decision of visually challenged referee.

Hayley Faye: vocals, guitar
Marcus Mayes: drums
K DaSilva: guitar, bass, effects
James Brownson: keyboards

As The World Turns is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Somewhere Or Nowhere
  2. Stalker
  3. You'll Remember
  4. Where The Ocean Meets The Sky
  5. Fallout
  6. Give Or Take
  7. Just A Child (I Need Love)
  8. Disguise
  9. Star Struck
  10. Empire

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