September 17, 2015

Anton Patzner: 5 Practical DIY Film Tips For Musicians

Violinist Anton Patzner has written down 5 practical DIY film tips for musicians for Performer Magazine. He was the producer for the one-shot Far Away And Long Ago video for his band Foxtails Brigade. On working with a crew:

“Far Away And Long” was my first time working with a “director of photography” (Matt Rome). His job was to assemble and direct the camera and lighting crews. Because our video is a single, moving shot with multiple twists and turns, these guys really had their work cut out for them. The camera we used was the Red Epic, which is the same camera they used to film Jurassic World. It’s big and expensive, even to rent. You definitely don’t want to drop it, which is why you have a “camera operator” (Joe Lindsay). This guy wore a giant body-harness with a long arm attached to it, called a “Steadicam,” which holds the camera and keeps the shot smooth. It’s looks like the machine gun from Aliens and he had to walk backwards with it, around corners and up stairs, always keeping our singer Laura in the center of the shot. Maintaining focus is the job of the “assistant camera operator” (David Bourke), who remote controls the lens while watching the footage on a screen, traveling with the camera operator and spotting him.


HCTF review of Far Away and Long Ago.

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