April 24, 2015

Thomas Truax: "I've Got To Know" video, Folk Radio UK interview

Watch the new Thomas Truax video for I've Got To Know, a track from his new album Jetstream Sunset. Watch him playing his homemade instruments "Mother Superior" (drums) and "Scary Ariel" (bass), while an eye keeps an eye on things.

Live dates:
  • 04/24 Southampton, UK @ Talking Heads (Supporting Duke Special)
  • 04/25 Reading, UK @ Bowery District (Supporting Duke Special)
  • 04/26 Cardiff, UK @ The Globe (Supporting Duke Special)
  • 05/01 Northampton, UK @ Labour Club
  • 05/02 Oxford, UK @ Cellar Bar Frewin Court Oxford
  • 05/06 Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
  • 05/08 Hull, UK @ The New Adelphi Club
  • 05/16 Braziers Park (near Wallingford), UK @ Wood Festival
  • 06/11 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ De Nieuwe Anita
  • 06/13 Haarlem, Netherlands @ Beeckestijnpop
  • 06/17 Berlin, Germany @ TBA

UK blog Folk Radio UK has an extensive interview about bulding things, stuff breaking down at concerts and freaked out customs officials who are suspicious about his sonic luggage:

One very early review said ‘The audience loved it when it worked, and even more when it didn’t work’. I try to remember that when anything goes wrong during a show. At airport security, I’ve been held up a few times. The Stringaling is the main culprit. It’s got a plastic chattering skull on it and a mini audio mixer inside which I made myself out of a small tea tin. You know, the kind of things that naturally would make airport security nervous.

» thomastruax.com

HCTF review of Jetstream Sunset.

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