April 23, 2015

David Ellis: "When Love Is Caving In" b/w "Tallulah"

You can't beat a big city for feel lonely and lovesick. Singer David Ellis, born in London and now living in NYC, has captured his grief on his new single When Love Is Caving In b/w Tallulah, mixing folk with psychedelic pop.

Harpist Tom Moth (Florence + The Machine) gives Tallulah an extra layer of melancholy that is missing from the more straightforward When Love Is Caving In.

When Love Is Caving In b/w Tallulah is released thru Axis Mundi Records. Release date: April 28th.

Live dates:
  • 04/29 Brooklyn, NY - Good Room
  • 04/29 New York, NY - Grey Lady
  • 05/04 New York, NY - Pianos
  • 05/06 Brooklyn, NY - Good Room
  • 05/06 New York, NY - Grey Lady
  • 05/13 Brooklyn, NY - Good Room
  • 05/13 New York, NY - Grey Lady
  • 06/20 New York, NY - Pianos

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