April 10, 2015

The Chewers: "The Lurk" video, new album "Dead Dads" 06/13

When avant-garde garage noise duo The Chewers shared their new instrumental The Lurk in September 2013 a new album wasn't far off. All kinds of shit happened since then and now the release date for Dead Dads is pushed back yet again until June 13. After a falling out with their label Rats N' Bugs records the band decided to walk out. CD's were ready to go and are in their possession. On the upside: they have a spiffy new website and a video for The Lurk.

Live dates:
  • 04/16 Nashville TN @ The Mouthhole
  • 04/24 Nashville TN @ The Mouthhole

» thechewers.com

HCTF review of The Chewers' "Live" in the Mouthhole.

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