April 02, 2015

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & broeder Dieleman: "Gloria" & "Drie vragen"

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & broeder Dieleman are sharing a 7" for Record Store Day. Billy translated Gloria into English. Dieleman turned Three Questions into Drie Vragen. Folk music doesn't care about borders or language barriers. Kindred spirits will find a way to connect and collaborate. After sharing the stage on an acoustic tour of 8 Dutch church they kept in touch. The decision to cut a shared single was a no-brainer. It is an intense and gentle token of a transatlantic musical kinship. Fingers crossed for a follow-up in the near future.

The split 7" is a special release for Record Store Day (April 18th) on Snowstar Records: 1000 copies for the Benelux and 1000 copies for the US.

broeder Dieleman will perform four shows on Record Store Day.

Live dates:
  • 04/09 Onderhuids @ Burgerzaal, Middelburg
  • 04/18 Waterput, Bergen op Zoom (11.00)
  • 04/18 Grey, Breda (13.30)
  • 04/18 Velvet Music, Leiden (16.00)
  • 04/18 Molen de Ster (w/ Herrek), Utrecht (ism Ekko)
  • 04/26 Momentum Noord Beveland, Kortgene
  • 05/02 TBA, Leeuwarden
  • 05/16 London Caling @ Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
  • 06/20 Avond van de poëzie, Groede

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» broederdieleman.com

HCTF review of Gloria.

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