March 29, 2015

Trapped Mice: Sacred to the Shades

Scottish band Trapped Mice are back with a fresh batch of Scottish avant-folk songs. Sacred to the Shades is more early R.E.M. than its predecessor Winter Sun and the overall mood is a bit more sinister and claustrophobic, even when it appears that there's a party going in the lead single When I Sleep.

The guy that gets send off to jail in The Trial is at odds with the world and never comes up with an explanation for his crimes. The lengthy Essex Wedding will never be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. Trapped Mice are a bunch of outsiders looking in. Recommended if you like Elbow and Morrissey.

Trapped Mice:
Ian Tilling: vocals, guitar
Dave Friend: guitar, keys
Brian Pokora: bass
Lucie Miller: violin, vocals
Adam Ley-Lange: drums

Sacred to the Shades is released thru Armellodie. Release date: April 6th.

  1. A Brief Introduction to Modern History
  2. The French Lieutenant’s Woman
  3. Slave Girl Song
  4. Shades Pt.1 (Dis Manibus)
  5. The Trial
  6. Erotion
  7. Essex Wedding
  8. Old Patrons
  9. The Space Race
  10. When I Sleep
  11. Shades Pt.2 (Sacred to the Shades)

Live dates:
  • 04/03 Glasgow, UK @ The Old Hairdressers
  • 04/11 Edinburgh, UK @ The Wee Red Bar

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