December 11, 2014

Suzanne Jarvie: Spiral Road

photo: Jason van Bruggen

Canadian singer-songwriter Suzanne Jarvie has been dealt with quite a few bad hands in her life. Her youngest son had to undergo heart surgery twice. Her eldest son feel down the stairs and went into a coma. The doctors told her that it was unlikely that he would wake up. But he did and it became the inspiration for the title track of her new album Spiral Road, turning her worries and hope into a beautiful song.

Jarvie's music is a mix of Americana (or more accurately: Canadiana) and old school country. Her voice is a blend of Lucinda Williams and Caroline Herring. Producer Hugh Christopher Brown made the wise decision to put her vocals right up front, like she is sitting right in front of you, surrounded by her band set up in a half circle. She signs about hardship, despair and grief, but in the end optimisms prevails in songs like Love Is Now. She is a tough lady who has been to Hell and back, with a bittersweet voice that gets under your skin.

Spiral Road is a self-released album. Buy it from her website or Bandcamp. Update: Suzanne Jarvie landed an European distribution deal via Continental Record Services.

  1. Before and After
  2. 2458
  3. Spiral Road
  4. Never Gonna Stop
  5. Tears of Love
  6. Angel of Light
  7. Enola Gay
  8. Love Is Now
  9. Shrieking Shack
  10. Wait For Me
  11. Before and After (redux)


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  1. Love this Canadian artist! Suzanne is a storyteller of epic skill and her songs and lyrics have a way of sticking in your head. Her strong and hauntingly beautiful voice lends itself well to presenting the original material contained in her premiere album to a surely, wide-ranging fan-base.