December 27, 2014

cecilia::eyes: Live

Brussels based post-rockers cecilia::eyes wrap up 2014 with a digital only Live album, cherry picking in concert renditions from their back catalog as well as their latest studio album Disappearance. Taking their time for each track, they have used the studio versions as a stepping stone for heavily textured, expanded work-outs.

With three guitarists in the band there is plenty of opportunity for sonic explorations. They find a root note they like and catch the wave for a slow moving journey through darkness. Kudos for new drummer Nicolas Denis whose less-is-more approach tightened up their sound.

Christophe Thys: guitars
Mike Colart: guitars
Gauthier Vilain: guitars
Nicolas Denis: drums
Pascal Thys: bass

Live is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Default descent
  2. Lord howe rise
  3. Loreta
  4. Like wolves
  5. For the fallen
  6. One million whales
  7. Peter star / Death for treason
  8. No prayers, no bells, no homeland
  9. Four lost soldiers

Live dates:
  • 01/31 Rock Classic Bar, Brussels, Belgium
  • 02/07 Discovery Box Festival, Braine-Le-Comte, Belgium
  • 04/18 Schokoladen, Berlin, Germany
  • 05/15 dUNK!festival, Zottegem, Belgium


HCTF review of Disappearance.

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