November 16, 2014

Pulse: The Best Is Not Good Enough

Forget the big cities in The Netherlands when looking for hard rock bands. The genre is still in full force out in the country. Pulse are a young trio based in Assen. Fronted by singer/bass player and principal songwriter Alissa Tissingh they have just released their debut album The Best Is Not Good Enough, filled with Seventies inspired hard rock with a prog twist. Tissingh loves bands like Deep Purple and Rush. There is also quite a bit of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in their sound. Drummer Youri de Vlieg is steady as a rock and it's a good thing they have him on board, since Tissingh and guitar Francis Stark tend to follow each whim to change the pace.

Obviously talented the band lacks direction. It's good to have tons of ideas for songs, but trying to fit them all in is a challenge that they just can't handle right now. Pulse could have opted to go all out for a sprawling double album by restructuring and extending the songs. Or they should have taken a long hard look at their stuff and decided to kill some of their darlings. The Best Is Not Good Enough is a flawed album, but it is their ticket to being recognised as a band to watch in the underground metal scene. Props for being so ambitious.

Alissa Tissingh: bass, guitar, vocals
Francis Stark: guitar
Youri de Vlieg: drums

The Best Is Not Good Enough is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Wings Of Freedom
  2. Cape Fear
  3. Between The Bridges
  4. Lost Love
  5. Gone
  6. Amalgamation
  7. Still Unknown
  8. Look At The Sky
  9. From Here
  10. Lies
  11. Right Here Right Now
  12. Filled Emptiness

Live dates:
  • 11/21 Packhalle, Sögel, Germany
  • 11/28 JV Blanko, Emmen, Netherlands
  • 12/06 MetalFront Coevorden, Netherlands
  • 12/13 Boelie’s Pub Winschoten, Netherlands


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