November 16, 2014

David Corley: Available Light

photo: Faith Cohen

Singer and multi-instrumentalist David Corley has been around. He tended bars, lived off the land in a in Georgia, honed his roofing skills in Wesport, CT, hung out in NY and Venice Beach, CA, before coming full circle to live in Lafayette, Indiana, the city where he was born 53 years ago. Throughout his Jack of all trades life he always kept in touch with his love for music and literature (James Joyce, Walt Whitman, William Blake and Rainer Maria Rilke). The influence of these classic writers shines through in his lyrics, spinning metafores and a sense for keen observations wrapped in poetic language.

His debut album Available Light is a scrapbook of his life set to music. Produced by Hugh Christopher Brown Corley sings about rural Indiana, staring at the night sky and making ends meet. His hoarse baritone voice fits the rootsy blues music like a glove. It's been a long trip but he has finally reached his goal: to be a singer who can share his stories with the world. There must plenty of other tales waiting to go out and join this first batch songs.

David Corley: vocals, piano, guitar, bass
Gregor Beresford: drums
Hugh Christopher Brown: piano, Hammond B-3, clavinet, Wurlitzer, vocals
Tony Scherr: bass, guitar
Kate Fenner: background vocals
Sarah McDermott: background vocals

Available Light is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. Update: Corley landed an European distribution deal via Continental Record Services.

  1. Available Light
  2. Beyond The Fences
  3. The Joke
  4. Easy Mistake
  5. Dog Tales
  6. Unspoken Thing
  7. Lean
  8. Neptune/ Line You're Leavin' From
  9. The End Of My Run
  10. The Calm Revolution


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