November 15, 2014

Bee vs. Moth: Shelter In Place

After Austin based trio Bee vs. Moth released their remarkable single Problems with Crowds back in August as the forerunner for their Shelter In Place album, expectations were high. Did they deliver? Would an entire album filled with off-kilter all over the place jazz rock just be a bit too much?

They have found a delicate balance between all out weird and mellow tracks, while retaining their sense of adventure throughout the full album. With an abundance of guest players providing brass and strings Shelter In Place offers a wide variety of styles, ranging from freaky honky-tonk country (Your Dime Ain't Worth a Nickel (In the Jukebox of my Heart)) to proggy pop (Loop 78) to free jazz (Capt. Frank B. Earnest).

As seasoned musicians they are aware of the fact that have you to learn to be tight first to be able to be loose. When done right, skill equals swing. The overused term fucking awesome is in order for this roller coaster ride of an album.

Bee vs. Moth:
James Fidlon: guitar
Philip Moody: electric & upright bass
Sarah Norris: drums, percussion

Shelter In Place is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

Live dates:
  • 12/09 Austin, TX @ Holy Mountain
  • 12/20 Austin, TX @ Vortex Theater - Yule Bazaar
  • 01/23 Austin, TX @ Carousel Lounge


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