November 15, 2014

Back in print: Big Star Box Set + Chris Bell I Am the Cosmos

Exquisite pop fans rejoice. Rhino reissues the Big Star box set Keep an Eye on the Sky (November 24) and the comprehensive Chris Bell 2 CD I Am the Cosmos (November 11):

Back in print due to popular demand, both Keep an Eye on the Sky and I Am the Cosmos were compiled with full involvement from Ardent founder and Big Star producer John Fry, who expressed his excitement for the forthcoming reissues and commented, “The Big Star box is a unique collection of music and insightful liner notes that keep telling the story to an ever growing number of fans. The Chris Bell 2 CD Cosmos reissue is in my opinion the definitive collection of Chris’ solo work. We took great pains to use original analog sources and to master the CDs much as we would have done vinyl in the 70s. Enjoy the music and the story.” Founding Big Star member Jody Stephens added “I'm very glad to see the box set and Chris' deluxe set reissued. Both written stories, and in this case, stories as told through song and musical development are incredibly important.”

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HCTF review of I Am the Cosmos.

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