October 02, 2014

Sven Agaath: Simple Field Calculator

photo: Gibson Houwer

Sven Agaath is a Dutch duo that loves to mix things up, inventing their own genres. Their latest invention is shoegaton, a mash-up of loud shoegaze and grunge with electronic dance rhythms. Gino Miniutti (vocals, guitar) and Arno Breuer (drums, MicroKORG) have turned the idea into a memorable album. Simple Field Calculator is highly entertaining and proofs once again that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. Short instrumentals alternate with all out moody rock songs about parking lots and heart attacks.

Shoegaton will never be a mainstream success - the general public won't be able to handle the mayhem of Helmet Youth or the distortion in King of Heart Attacks. Sven Agaath don't play by the rules, but write their own. The album will be considered as a cult classic in the near future.

Simple Field Calculator will be released on Tiny Room Records. Release date: October 28th.

  1. Sven Uno
  2. Parking Lot
  3. Ian & Myra
  4. Senseless trips
  5. Sven Duo
  6. King of Heart Attacks
  7. Maison La Petticoat
  8. Helmet Youth
  9. Sven Trio
  10. Temple
  11. Dirftwood
  12. William Tzara
  13. Sven Ultimo

Live dates:
  • 11/01 Album Release show @ De Vechtclub XL, Utrecht
  • 01/07 Slag om Stukafes @ Cafe Hofman, Utrecht

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