October 06, 2014

Stiv Cantarelli and the Silent Strangers: Banks Of The Lea

Stiv Cantarelli and the Silent Strangers hail from Firenze, Italy, a city which isn't associated with loud garage-blues rock. They flew to Hackney (East London) to lay the tracks for their new album Banks Of The Lea.

Cantarelli was a rather successful alt-country singer in Italy before turning things up. He doesn't forsake his musical roots however when he wrote the lyrics - once a storyteller, always a story teller. With plenty of distortion and echo, a Saxophone reminiscent of early Roxy Music, and Pixies-esque surf guitar, they aim for the gut. They have bottled darkness and the blue skies of Tuscany are only a distant memory. Prepare to be engulfed.

Stiv Cantarelli and the Silent Strangers:
Stiv Cantarelli: vocals, guitars
Antonio Perugini: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Fabrizio Gramellini: bass, guitars, backing vocals
Roberto Villa: Saxophone, slide and electric guitar

Banks Of The Lea will be released on Stovepony Records. Release date: October 31.

  1. The Streets
  2. Frenzy
  3. Jason Hit The City
  4. Razor/Pistol
  5. Sasha
  6. Arrogance Blues
  7. Lacalifornia
  8. Soul Seller
  9. Leaving Blues
  10. Before I Die

Live dates:
  • 10/10 Circolo Vallescuropasso, Cicognola, Italy
  • 10/11 Bar Dante, Acqui Terme, Italy
  • 10/14 Shakespeare’s (w/ Roaming Son), Sheffield, UK
  • 10/15 The Windmill, Brixton, London, UK
  • 10/16 Oslo (w/ Left Lane Cruiser), Hackney, London, UK
  • 10/17 The Railway Hotel (w/ Left Lane Cruiser), Southend on Sea, Essex, UK
  • 10/18 Dirty Water Club @ The Shacklewell Arms (w/ Los Bengala, Hackney, London, UK )

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