October 05, 2014

Protomythos: In Human Sight

Isreali prog metal band Protomythos gives a voice to animals on their concept album In Human Sight. Trying to change the world a bit through music is tricky - the medium suffers from the message - but main man Tom Treivish kept a firm hand on the proceedings. He had been tinkering with the songs for years before they entered a studio. He even went as far to select a different one to get the drum sound right.

His range as singer is rather limited, but he means every word of his harsh lyrics that might out some people. The reality of mass meat production is something that the general public doesn't want to be lectured about. As a composer he goes for the big picture with swooshes of guitar and early Seventies keyboard fills filtered to 21st Century technology.

Tom Treivish: vocals, guitars, keyboards, effects, bass on "In Human Sight"
Ethan Raz: drums
Adi Har Zvi: bass

In Human Sight is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Protomythos is donating 20% of all album profits directly to animal rights organizations.

  1. In Human Sight
  2. Cage Bound
  3. House Of Slaughter
  4. Inside A Square
  5. The Blind Spot
  6. Condiments And Blood
  7. Science Moved On
  8. Part Of The Fold
  9. We Bleed For Real
  10. Voiceless

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