October 24, 2014

moyamoya: moyamoya

Exquisite noise from Florida. Jacksonville based instrumental trio moyamoya (Japanese for "a puff of smoke") are into smoldering soundscapes augmented with loud-quiet-loud guitar vignettes and keyboard textures. To keep it fresh the band switched instruments. Bassist Richard Dudley plays guitar. Guitarist Scott Madgett is on drums and Brennan Hamill, also a guitarist, handles keys and bass. The result: no stock chords, fills and progressions.

By stepping out of their comfort zone moyamoya had to feel their way through the songs, playing by ear to the max, with each musician trying to find a space. Post-rock as a genre is a balancing act - promising musical ideas can get lost in endless repetitive noodling, but when it's done right it makes groundbreaking, captivating listening. Recommended if you like The Fierce and the Dead, Mogwai and God Speed You! Black Emperor.

Richard Dudley: guitar
Scott Madgett: drums
Brennan Hamill: keys, bass

moyamoya will be released on brown vinyl (500 copies) on October 28 by Fort Lowell Records. Also available as a digital download.

  1. sorry i called you he-man
  2. full-on half-wit
  3. spring guide to fashion
  4. open letter to a football hero
  5. spurgeon-haddix
  6. i don’t need an advocate, i need an exorcist

Live dates:
  • 11/06 Gainesville, FL
  • 11/08 Deep Search Records, Jacksonville, FL

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