August 26, 2014

Razorhouse: Neu Sensation

Chicago’s Razorhouse peddles messed up glamrock with an electronic twist. Band leader Mark J. Panick (The Bonemen of Barumba, Chac Mool, Revolting Cocks) has set it up as a roundabout, with other musicians hopping on and off. On the new single Neu Sensation it's just him on acoustic guitar and vocals, with Danny Shaffer on electric guitar. Engineer Howie Beno lent a hand on keyboards and background noises. Panick's instanlty recognisable devil-may-care voice will appeal to the suburban slacker rock crowd.

The single will be included on the band's second EP, Codex Du. Panick named his band after the Mayan spiritual teachings in the Popul Vuh. Each tome of teachings is referenced to as a codex, but thankfully there is no talk about the world going to end or any other New Age inspired crap,

Neu Sensation is released on Heat Shield Records.


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