August 26, 2014

Sväva: We Have Just The Life We Want

Half of Dutch indie dreampop band Sväva made a trip to Scotland two years ago. Guitarists Bente Hout and Michelle Hindriks. They connected musically and began writing songs of together. Aftrnr hitchhiking all the way back to their hometown Leeuwarden, they formed a band with guitarist Olivier Copini and drummer Jelmer Terwal.

Sväva is Swedish for floating, which fits the band's material like a glove. Hout's crystal clear voice sounds like it is gently hovering above the music. The two guitarists never get in each others way - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Their delicate interplay deserves a pair of decent headphones. Recommended for fans of Her Vanished Grace and Thrushes.

Bente Hout: vocals, bass
Michelle Hindriks: guitar
Olivier Copini: guitar
Jelmer Terwal: drums

We Have Just The Life We Want is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website. Release date: September 18th. Lead single Halycon Days will be released on August 28th.

  1. Halycon Days
  2. Flown
  3. Ancient Mind
  4. Blue Moon

Dutch live dates:
  • 08/27 Noorderzon Festival, Groningen
  • 08/28 Noorderzon Festival, Groningen
  • 08/29 W2 (Grote Prijs van Nederland), Den Bosch
  • 08/30 Melkweg (Sena Performers PopNL Award), Amsterdam
  • 09/03 Studio K, Amsterdam
  • 09/13 Greidhoek Festival, Wommels
  • 09/18 Museum het Valkhof (Popronde), Nijmegen
  • 10/01 Huiskamerconcert, Utrecht
  • 10/09 Café Kult (Popronde), Groningen
  • 10/16 Ekko (Popronde), Utrecht
  • 11/08 Proeflokaal Reijngoud (Popronde), Rotterdam
  • 11/13 Kloveniersdoelen (Popronde), Middelburg

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