August 31, 2014

Maor Nawi: "Broken" & "Mistake" videos

Israeli singer-songwriter Maor Nawi has made videos for Broken and Mistake, two singles from her forthcoming debut album Go!. Laidback sad songs about that perennial subject matter: heartbreak.

With ample use of gentle percussion and slide guitar Nawi caters to the indie crowd who can appreciate instantly hummable melodies as a change of pace. Broken hints at psychedelic pop while Mistake gets close to mainstream soft rock.

Maor Naw: vocals
Amit Itzchak: guitars
Sshmulik Daniel: bass, drums, programming and percussion
Eldad Zitrin: keyboards, Hammond

Broken and Mistake are self-released singles. Buy them from her website.

Live dates:
  • 09/18 Stelmac. Petah Tikva
  • 09/27 Aria, Tel Aviv
  • 10/01 Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv (full band show)
  • 10/09 Tmona, Tel Aviv (supporting Hatavlinim)
  • 12/04 Bar Kaima, Tel Aviv (acoustic)


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