August 21, 2014

Elephant Stone: The Three Poisons

Elephant Stone
photo: Bowen Stead & Daniel Barkley

Montreal psychedelic raga rock trio Elephant Stone have made another retro album. The Three Poisons sounds like it was recorded in 1967, with Rishi Dhir's sitar leading the way. Tons of echo, mostly melancholic songs and knee deep in textures. This band knows how to spin an interesting the middle-eight and keep the groove going through all 11 seamlessly flowing tracks.

Gabriel Lambert had to take care of all the guitar parts after Stephen Venkatarangam left the band, and he came up with enough ideas to frustrate music students. But it is drummer Miles Dupire who should be in the spotlight, with his grade A dry sound that keeps the songs on check, grounding them and pushing them as well.

Elephant Stone:
Rishi Dhir: vocals, bass, sitar
Gabriel Lambert: guitar, backing vocals
Miles Dupire: drums
Malika Tirolien: backing vocals on Knock You From Yr Mountain.

Three Poisons will be released on August 25th via 2014 on Hidden Pony Records (US/UK/EU) and V2 (BENELUX). First 500 vinyl LPs are numbered and come in red/white marble vinyl. First 200 vinyl LPs and first 100 CDs are signed by the band.

  1. Motherless Child (Love's Not For War)
  2. Knock You From Yr Mountain
  3. All is Burning
  4. Worlds Don't Begin And End With You
  5. Wayward Son
  6. Intermediate State
  7. Child Of Nature (Om Namah Sivaya)
  8. Living For Something
  9. Three Poisons
  10. Echo & The Machine
  11. Between the Lines

North America:
  • 08/30 L'Escogriffe, Montreal, QC
  • 09/08 Monkey House, Winooski, VT
  • 09/09 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
  • 09/10 Black Cat Washington, DC
  • 09/11 The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY
  • 09/12 Milkboy Philly, Philadelphia, PA
  • 09/13 The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
  • 09/22 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 09/23 Stage 01 @ 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • 09/24 Hedon, Zwolle, Netherlands
  • 09/25 Botanique - Witloof Bar, Brussels, Belgium
  • 09/26 Ferme de Grande Ile, Giverny, Vernon, France
  • 09/28 The Oobleck, Birmingham, UK
  • 10/01 tba, Barcelona, Spain
  • 10/02 VillaManuela 2014, Madrid, Spain
  • 10/04 Dabadaba, San Sebastián, Spain
  • 10/08 tba, Nîmes, France
  • 10/09 tba, Lugano, Switzerland
  • 10/10 Tender Club, Florence, Italy
  • 10/12 Charlatan, Ghent, Belgium


HCTF review of the Elephant Stone.

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