August 21, 2014

ZAPPATiKA: We're Not Alone

Anglo-Dutch band ZAPPATiKA recorded a cover of We're Not Alone. Originally released as an instrumental on The Man from Utopia - Frank Zappa had written a few words, but they were never used. They came up with a full set of lyrics themselves. Nice touch to make Stevie (Vai) the protagonist. He was Zappa's resident guitar at that time. Mary of course is named after Mary Lou, the girl that is mentioned in the title of the 1950s song The Man from Utopia Meets Mary Lou.

They stick close to the original musical arrangement. Singer Zap McInnes sounds at ease and relaxed, with high pitched backing vocals that were an instantly recognisable trademark of Zappa's music.

The track was originally released on Rare Episodes - Frank Zappa’s unmined nuggets released on Cordelia Records. The tweaked single version can be bought via Reverbnation.

Well, Stevie isn't dumb,when it comes to the girls,
He'll take his little thumb and he'll give 'em a whirl,
Stevie isn't dumb, he'll take his little thumb,
And you can ride it all night loo-oong!

Now, Mary was a girl with a twist in her mind,
But Stevie didn't care,cuz she made him feel fine,
He had his little thumb,connected to her plum,
You shoulda heard her scream for moo-oore !

She had a hairbrush with a dildo on the end of it ,
She wanted Stevie to go in and out a little bit
But he decided that an even better way to go
Was a banana and the hairbrush going stereo

He took the challenge and he revved them up to warp nine,
She said that he should be a porno-poocher all the time,
Then Stevie giggled and adjusted his bikini shorts
and shifted Mary into Rubber Love and Water sports,

Stevie isn't dumb when it comes to the girls,
He'll take his little thumb and he'll give 'em a whirl
Stevie isn't dumb,he'll take his little thumb,
and you can ride it all night looo--oong!
Live date:
  • 11/14 Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (support for the Grandmothers of Invention)

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