June 15, 2014

Lions In The Street: Just a Little Bit More

Lions In The Street have to tons of legal crap over the years, but they always kept their sights on their core business: playing Stones-y, dirty rock 'n' roll. The Vancouver quartet assembled their latest songs for Just a Little Bit More, a free full-length. They hit the ground running with the 7 minute plus blues stomper Down In The Hole, vinyl crackling noises included. This an album build upon the loud-quiet-loud paradigms, with rock songs being followed by slower, mostly acoustic tracks like the title track.

They are a great bar band with a knack for catchy tunes, looking for a break. With one feet in rock (Mine Ain't Yours) and the other in country (One Way Street), they go for the best of both worlds. It's nice to be an underground favorite who keep open tuning alive, but it won't pay the rent.

Lions In The Street:
Chris Kinnon: guitar, vocals
Sean Casey: guitar
Enzo Figliuzzi: bass
Jeff Kinnon: drums, organ

Just a Little Bit More is a self-released album. Free download from Noisetrade.

  1. Down In The Hole
  2. Just a Little Bit More
  3. Mine Ain't Yours
  4. Time Can't Change How We Started
  5. I Know I've Been Changed
  6. Mr. Coal (Live at SXSW)
  7. One Way Street
  8. Stand And Wait

» lionsinthestreet.com

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  1. wow, it was 8 years ago, but I'd love to still be able to get this download