June 15, 2014

Starar: Renegade Heart

UK indie electronic duo Starar used a cornucopia of sounds for their new single Renegade Heart. Singer Jenna Starar and multi-instrumentalist Steven Starar have been fiddling with the volume controls like there was no tomorrow. A bit of pop, a bit of funk and quite a bit of stop-and-start synth New Wave clamor for attention. Quite a chance of pace after the rather mellow Uubelievable.

Renegade Heart is a self-released single. Stream it via Soundcloud.

UK live dates:
  • 06/21 tba, Ruskington
  • 06/28 The Dog and Bone, Lincoln
  • 07/26 The Victoria Pub, Lincoln
  • 08/02 The Roaring Meg, Newark

» starar.net

HCTF review of Unbelievable.

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