May 11, 2014

The Satisfactors: Johnny Commando

Johnny Ramone left the planet in 2004, but this signature guitar sound continues to inspire countless punk rock acts. They were a breath of fresh air in when they burst up on the scene in the mid-Seventies. The Long Branch, NJ based punk/rock band The Satisfactors pays tribute with their new single Johnny Commando, quotes familiar lines from the best known Ramones songs. Nice touch adding a bit of the surf vibe that was an integral part of their sound.

Johnny Commando is written by NYC garage rock veteran Gar Francis and the band's lead singer Bruce Ferguson. It is released on Bongo Boy Records. A full album will hit the shops in June.

The Satisfactors:
Bruce Ferguson: vocals
Jimmy Target: guitar, backing vocals
Kenny Aaronson: bass
Curtis Roy: drums, backing vocals

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