May 11, 2014

Stefany June: Anything We Wanna

Dutch singer-songwriter Stefany June has unveiled the crowd-sourced animated video for her new single Anything We Wanna, a cheerful pop tune that will be embraced by fans of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Illustrations by Merel Corduwener. Directed by Gerwin Polet

Dutch club tour dates:
  • 05/16 Patronaat CafĂ©, Haarlem
  • 05/24 BAM Festival, Hengelo
  • 05/24 Lalaland, Harderwijk
  • 06/04 Merleyn, Nijmegen
  • 06/07 Hedon Kleine Zaal, Zwolle
  • 06/15 Festival Havenwerk, Deventer
  • 06/28 Pedro Pico Pop, Raalte


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