May 10, 2014

John Cale & Patti Smith: Lou Reed concert @ Cartier Foundation in September

Lou Reed
photo: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

John Cale and Patti Smith are scheduled to perform at a concert commemorating Lou Reed at the Cartier Foundation in Paris. The Financial Times has an interview with Alain Dominique Perrin:

A highlight was a reunion concert of the Velvet Underground in 1990, put together at the last minute as a high-class accompaniment to an Andy Warhol show. “It was decided overnight!” says Perrin excitedly. “It was the first time they had played together for 12 years.” A concert commemorating the death last year of Lou Reed is planned for September, with John Cale and Patti Smith due to play.

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(thanks: Marek Koudelka)

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