May 09, 2014

Dan Lyth and the Euphrates: Benthic Lines

Dan Lyth is a traveller who decided it would be a nice idea to take the concept of field recording to another level. All tracks on his new album Benthic Lines were recorded outdoors. It took him four years while he made his away across four continents. Over the years he album had become much more than just a collection. It grew into a journal and a picture book. So why not release as a book and throw in a short story as well.

He is an admirer for the works of Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians. Like his musical hero, repetition, focus and perseverance are the main things of his subdued songs. Benthic Lines is named after the deep sea communication cables, the unsung backbones of the internet. But virtual visits can never replace the real thing. You need to be there in person. Lyth is an observer with an open mind and he brought home stories from all over the world and turned them into gentle musical miniatures.

Dan Lyth and the Euphrates:
Dan Lyth: vocals, piano, guitar, accordion, keyboards, percussion
Greg Bell: drums, percussion, bass, vocals
Natasha Bell: vocals
Sarah Lyth: vocals
Alastair MacGregor: keyboards, synthesizer, glockenspiel, percussion, brass and French Horn arrangements
Hannah MacGregor: vocals, piano, percussion
Dara Stewart: double bass
Tim Lane: trombone
Philip Cardwell: trumpet
Marcus Britton: French horn

Benthic Lines is released thru Armellodie. Release date: May 12.

  1. All My Love
  2. Four Creatures
  3. Earth Broke Its Vow
  4. How It Happened
  5. We Were Bones And We Were Meat
  6. This Time In November
  7. Standing Start
  8. Super Nature


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