April 21, 2014

MK Groove Orchestra: Live at Studio BPM, Vol 2

It was only a matter of time before another batch of songs from the MK Groove Orchestra show at Studio BPM would see the light of day. Live at Studio BPM, Vol 2 will be released on May 20, exactly two years after they performed at the loft space in Williamsburg, shortly before the venue closed its doors. Band leader and sax player Michael Kammers led his 15-piece band through,funk, jazz, soul and decontructed classic rock that night.

Vol 2. hits the ground running with the funky soul Junto, with singer Lisa Mcquade sharing the spotlight with three trumpet players. The orchestras starts firing on all cylinders during Jamband Sweet Pt1 - why settle for a couple of choruses when you can have plenty. After the lull of the rather boring reggae tune Bad Brains, the album ends with the double whammy Prelude (rock guitar and brass) and the lengthy Zappa meets King Crimson workout Afro-Cuban Americana AKA.

The overall vibe of Live at Studio BPM, Vol 2 is a bit darker than Vol. 1. Why they didn't release it as a full concert - and using the actual running order of the show while they where at it - is something of a mystery.

MK Groove Orchestra:
Alex Bender: trumpet
Joe Beaty: rombone
Mark Broschinsky: bass trombone
Nicolas Cowles: flute
Thomas Cumming: guitar
Bryan Davis: trumpet
Jenny Hill: alto sax
Michael Kammers: bari sax
Tomoaki Kanno: drums
Chris Kuklis: guitar
Lisa Mcquade: vocals
Aaron Shafer-Haiss: percussion
Mathew Silberman: tenor sax
Kevin Smith: bass
Clynton Wayne Yerkes: trumpet

Live at Studio BPM, Vol 2 is released on Ropeadope. Release date: May 20.

  1. Juntos
  2. Jamband Sweet Pt1
  3. Bad Brains
  4. Prelude
  5. Afro-Cuban Americana AKA
Live dates:
  • 04/22 Manderley Bar @ The McKittrick Hotel, New York, NY
  • 05/27 Manderley Bar @ The McKittrick Hotel, New York, NY

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