April 15, 2014

John Cale: working on a new album

John Cale
photo: Shawn Brackbill

John Cale interview in Kansas City based blog The Pitch. He is working on the radio mixes of a couple that will be on a new album:

The Pitch: So, you're in the studio right now?

Cale: Yeah, I'm just getting started on some radio mixes. There's an album that I've put together that'll be announced later in the year, and I'm trying to get as much done as possible before I start touring.

When you mix things for radio, I know that you change certain elements and bring them up or out. What are the changes you made for this particular material?

Oh, I think you get some leeway: you take out some bridges from there, if your song is to long, or you move the chorus a little earlier. It's just - how do you get to the point of a single? Singles have to be terse, and to-the-point, and you can't take time to go through too many bridges before hitting the chorus.

Also, it depends on where you put the riff, if there is a riff in the song. You put it in, and attract people's attention as soon as possible.

He will perform @ Nine Forty Live in Lawrence, KS, tonight.

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