March 18, 2014

The Ripple Effect: Heavy Reverb

Ripple Effect went on a mission to track down the best hevay rock on Reverbnation. Thye ran into tons of crap, but 19 worthwhile tracks have been put together for the Heavy Reverb compilation.

All tracks are streamable and available as a free below par 160kbps MP3. Heavy Reverb is an appetizer for acts that have been flying under the radar. The folks at Ripple know their stuff. Headbanging tunes from bands that might feature prominently on hard rock festival lineups within a couple of years from now.

  1. Switchblade Jesus - Bastard Son
  2. Apostle of Solitude - Whore's Wings
  3. Mahat - Relief
  4. Orthodox Fuzz - Masquerade
  5. Blackwolf - Mr Maker
  6. Bedowyn - Evil and Right
  7. Baleful Creed - Autumn Leaves
  8. Silent Monolith - Feel Like I'm Dying
  9. Lower the Veil - Celebrate Murder
  10. Blue Snaggletooth - Swords of Atlantis
  11. Cosmic Trigger - A Welcomed Rapture
  12. Sil Shoda - Roll The Dice
  13. i Ascension - Karma
  14. The Hollow Glow - Doom
  15. Wes Ford and the Foundry - Dying Bad
  16. Stone Head - Diesel for the Devil
  17. Mallory - Alone
  18. Black Mountain Thunder - Stonebreaker
  19. Stone Machine Electric - No_w_here


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