January 18, 2014

Sleepy Sun: Maui Tears

Sleepy Sun
photo: Chloe Aftel

San Francisco based psychedelic post-rockers Sleepy Sun go slow-core on their new album Maui Tears. Heavy on fuzz and with muffled echo-y vocals they are the dark brother of bands like Elephant Stone and Elf Power: The Jesus and Marcy Chain transported to the 21st Century.

Most of their songs start with a simple pattern and by adding layer upon layer they create a dense atmosphere, with bits of guitar and bass trying to break through the misty musings. Everywhere Waltz brings back the Floyd in their A Saucerful of Secrets phase and 11:32 touches base with The Stooges messing around in the Fun House. And with the title track Maui Tears they've created a monster that could expand into half hour freak out. They kicking off the proceedings with whispered lyrics and a walking bass line the song grows into melancholy ballad with plenty of room for guitar improvisation a la Jonny Greenwood.

Sleepy Sun: Maui Tears

Maui Tears is released on Dine Alone Records.

  1. The Lane
  2. Words
  3. Everywhere Waltz
  4. Outside
  5. 11:32
  6. Thielbar
  7. Slowdown
  8. Galaxy Punk
  9. Maui Tears

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